hi everyone and welcome to my blog. my name is tatiana and i am a relative newcomer to makeup. i’ve been actively participating in the makeup experience for over a year now, but it was a new job and watching youtube (something i never did except for viral videos) related. i graduate college and got my first real job and wanted to look presentable, so i went to ulta (sephora is now my store of choice) and got my first ever foundation at the age of 24! ever since then it’s been a nose dive into the beauty sector.

after foundation came concealer, then eyeshadow (something i was very familiar with but hadn’t used in nearly 10 years), then blush, then highlighter, then contour and boom i’m basically engulfed into it and i must say, it’s amazing what a life change can do, even my mother describes how funny it is that her daughter went from original carmex chapstick to mac’s antique velvet in the span of a calendar year.

as to what this blog will be – while i do love makeup i don’t think it will be a beauty personality blog if you catch my drift, i’m much more of a consumer in terms of studying the market (my degree is in market research and analytics), product and company depth and image, as well what i like rather than what’s hot right now (even though i’m guilty of liking what’s hot right now sometimes). my personal makeup preference is certainly more of a natural look and really just seeing what makeup can do. i don’t beam highlight and i’m no fan of the overdrawn lip craze right now; i love an ombre subtle eye, a bold lip and a clean face. i’m fairly sure this blog will be an “experiences, data and business of makeup through my words and pictures blog” rather than an “it’s what’s new in stores and selfies blog.”

now onto my face: my skin is not the best of skin (they say black doesn’t crack but mine definitely did bruise) – i have adult acne prone/combination (oily t-zone/dry nose and cheeks) as well as eczema, so safe to say skin care if my number one priority over makeup. i’m finally starting to get my skin under control and a skin care routine i’m content with. as to my makeup preferences – i love to shop at sephora (mostly because of the selection and the points) followed by ulta and the dillard’s/macy’s makeup counters.

My current top brands:

  1. BECCA (also available at sephora and ulta)
  2. Clinique (also available at sephora and ulta)
  3. N.Y.X (also available at ulta as well as target)
  4. NARS (also available at sephora)
  5. Smashbox (also available at sephora as well as ulta)
  6. Lorac (also available at ulta)
  7. TheBalm (also available in-store at kohl’s and on their website)
  8. E.L.F (also available at Target, Wal-Mart, Walgreens and CVS)