the title itself just sounds all over the place – springtime madness – well despite how short this post is actually going to be turns out its not – it’s safe to say that springtime releases have been amazing this year! i’m not truly a spring or summertime lover – i’m more of a fall and winter girl, but something about the products and colors companies are releasing are just amazing! i haven’t indulged as much as i want to, mostly because i was at a point, spending a great deal of money on products and when i was looking through my makeup i realized i had multiples of limited edition items that i barely used and more importantly items that were still new – i decided to take a step back and negate that feeling you have when a new beauty product is released and you get the urge to spend spend spend and just really try and become a smarter shopper.


i’ve been thinking – do i have something like this? yes no? do i use that product often? yes no? is the brand a brand that truly does exemplify a brand i want to use my hard earned money on? yes no? i’ve been trying to become a smarter beauty lover and i think the results are really working – the things i have purchased lately are things i’ve loved and i have actually been using!


that also leads me into my new no buy for the entire summer – i believe to be a great shopper you also need to be a smart shopper and one of the things is self-restraint, at sephora my beauty insider status is vib rouge – i did not reach rouge until november of 2016, it’s now april 2017 and i’m past the halfway mark of renewing my subscription – i love sephora but that is a tad bit excessive for me, that amount of money still doesn’t include items i’ve purchased from other websites. i just needed to decompress and really learn about the products i spend my money on as well as how i enjoy using them, study them, study the brands etc. to some of you that may seem odd, but for me that is something that is the backbone of all my purchases and all hobbies i allow myself. i’m also doing this with my friend kyley from my makeup bar – who also just started a youtube channel so check it out! here


i also wanted to force myself to really express myself in this blog – when i buy a new item i take the lazy way out on this blog and simply write up some bullshit post and call it a day – that’s not to say i feel that way about every post, there are some post i am so proud of, but i noticed that was something i was doing. i love the background and behind the scenes of makeup, not just the application. i’m also not a professional makeup artist so pretending to be isn’t going to be an asset to this blog either. i’m a business graduate with a marketing degree who also loves to study the economy in a local, national and international setting; bringing that into the blog is something that i will force from now on.


now onto the beautylish haul – and i was just saying how lazy i am!

with my impending no buy around the corner (the start of may) i decided to treat yoself (myself) and get some new products and some already established products i’d been eyeing for a while now. that leads me into how i plan on turning usual beauty post into something i love!


when i first started filling my cart the idea of not buying anything for the summer creeped me out – i don’t even like summer releases but still i was so freaked out! – i filled my cart beyond necessary and slowly over a week or two i did dwindled it down to a more “manageable” item amount – 7 items – and i am in love with each purchase. i did think about price and whether i would use these items as well as the brand, so let’s go!


i bought one item from a brand i had never bought before – the ordinary – they are somewhat new to the beautylish website but when i was looking up hair serums for my thick long curly dry hair this item popped up. as some of you may know i love argan oil – specifically josie maran 100% argan oil – which is $16 for the smallest bottle – now i love luxury but i also love being smart – this bottle of the exact same type of argan oil which is twice the size of the josie maran is only $7 and still organic and 100% – i decided to roll the dice and it’s the exact same thing! this will more than likely be where i get my argan oil from now on. the packaging is adorable and simplistic and the dispenser is actually sturdier than the josie maran one, i still have a backup josie maran and haven’t finished using my current one, but they both do the same thing. it’s an idea that brand loyalty and sometime levelheadedness need to part ways sometimes. the quality was there and the price was better; ‘nuff said.


i also finally snagged another viseart palette – this time the cheek palette in orange violet. as viseart is not a cheap brand this was a purchased i’ve mulled over for over a year. once again i don’t mind paying money for a good product, but how much use out of a product would i get is another thing i have to ask myself. i’ve been a bit on a blush binge and when i started to think about it and to compare it, i started to justify the price of this purchase.


my becca blushes are $38 for 6 g/0.2 oz., my nars blush palette was $60 for 6 smaller blushes that were 3.5g/0.12 oz per each little square of blush so $10 per blush square, my e.l.f blush palette was $6 for 4 g/0.14oz; that along with my other purchase from this haul – my charlotte tilbury blush which was $40 for 8 g/0.28 oz, the price made a bit more sense – viseart is equally $80 for all of their full size products – the blush palettes have 6 colors and weight a nice 24 g/0.84 oz. – that’s 4 oz. per color and roughly $14 per blush segment rounded. the price makes more sense when you think it through in this sagacity rather than “oh my god that’s $80usd/110cad for a blush!” instead i looked at it as i’ve paid more for less and this time i was paying a justified amount for a product.


since we’re on the blush train we can continue onto charlotte tilbury’s cheek to chic blush in the color sex on fire – obviously a nod to the kings of leon song –  i have one other charlotte tilbury product – i feel like i’m not completely on board the ct train, but i have two products i like a lot. i didn’t feel the need to every buy one of her blushes as i felt they weren’t exactly my skin tone friendly – they all seemed too pink and not something i would look too good in, i saw this color and took the dive – i think this was my only rash purchase, but it is a gorgeous muted color – would i buy another one? no, i don’t think any of the other colors would look good me, but the price seemed fine and i wanted to try it out. i don’t regret the product but it wasn’t one of the products that kept me on my toes while waiting for my package.


obviously i love becca that is no secret here on this blog – i’ve had my eye on this the one perfecting brush for some time, but fuck! nearly $50 is not something i blink once at; but i wanted this specific color of this specific product and when i was in the sephora store i saw the regular one, felt it, brushed it and decided it was worth it. of all the reviews i read the main consensus was that this is not a brush you use for everything, instead you only use it for contour, $50 just for contour when i have a perfectly fine contour brush is not going to cut it. that being said i don’t think this is just for contour – i’ve used it a few times for foundation and it’s absolutely lovely, i’ve used it for contour which it was great at, as well as bronzer and blush. i find this to be a universal brush and since this color is just too beautiful to use until it’s a dead horse i also do plan on buying the original brown one during the sephora vib sale.


as i stated above, i’m doing my no buy this summer with my friend kyley – she is a bad influence on me as we both encourage purchases and well she is just amazing! i don’t have too many friends that like, enjoy or even understand makeup so having kyley is a fun twist to someone knowing the love of makeup – she also has a deep love for makeup brushes and wayne goss is her favorite, i am personally a lover of sigma brushes – oh my god sigma! – but the way she talked about the brushes i had to give it a try.


these specific brush cost about the same as a sigma brush and were brushes i wanted to add to my collection. i hate to say it but she was right, they are fantastic brushes – i got the 04 – the small shadow crease brush – it’s a nice slim and slender brush that i can use on my inner and outer third eye lid space and also use as a blending brush in my crease when i’m going for a more muted look.


the other brush i got was the 06, which is touted as a small shadow crease brush – it’s like mac 217 brush if you will just less shedding and more stability. i really like the way it picks up the shadow and it has a perfect smooth feeling on my eye. i do really like these brushes and they were a fair price for great brushes, but while i will continue to engage in the purchasing of wayne goss brushes, i’ll still buy the majority of my brushes from sigma. (although i also have my eye on some smith brushes, but that’s after my no buy)


to finish up this long ass post – i also bought the jouer summertime in paris palette. this was not a palette i planned on buying, in fact i paid no attention to it until about 2 days before it was released – i had just bought the jeffrey star palette a few days prior and couldn’t feel like i could justify this purchase. i have one other joeur item that is fine and i like it, but it didn’t make me fall in love with the brand itself, however when i looked at the colors they were all colors i didn’t have and the swatches i kept on seeing were amazing. while the eye shadow crayon i got from jouer didn’t make me fall in love with the brand, this eye shadow palette did! i am now looking at their other eye shadow palette for my post no buy. they do mainly sell highlighters and liquid lipstick – two things i already have enough of, but so far their eye products are boss!


i know this was a rather long post, but there was so much i wanted to talk about in addition to this haul. i love the way this post went and plan on doing this more often – albeit in a shorter fashion. per usual i hope you all enjoyed this post or at least the pictures! thanks for reading and good days (or nights) to you all!


Products mentions:

The Ordinary’s 100% Cold-Pressed Moroccan Argan Oil

VISEART cheek palette in orange violet

Charlotte Tilbury Cheek to Chick blush in Sex on Fire

BECCA’s The One Perfecting Brush in Blushed Copper

Wayne Goss Brush 04 Small Shadow Crease Brush

Wayne Goss Brush 06 Eye Shadow Blending Brush

Jouer Summertime in Paris Eye Shadow Palette (limited edition)


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