i would like to start this post off by stating how much i and my allergies actually hate spring. there, that’s all…now on to makeup. like most things, when the seasons change so does the makeup you’re wearing, be it in terms of color, texture, coverage, etc. i don’t really follow any specific rules that are already set in place when it comes to seasons, i just base my overall decisions on what i’m doing, what i’m wearing and the location i’m in.


these aren’t the only products i will be using because there will be a slew of new products coming in that i have outright plans on buying – believe that! but more of the color scheme as well as look i prefer to have and the blog will probably feature. now, on to the post!


the base:

there will be a slight difference this spring compared to last spring and that’s the confidence i have in my skin. last spring my breakouts were at a new level, i caked on as much makeup as possible since around this time of the year i have meeting after meeting after meeting for work, and sorry to people who are more at ease with their skin the way it is – perfect or not – i just felt so self-conscience walking in there with the way my skin was.


this spring however, while my skin still isn’t perfect, it’s lightyears better than it was before. i don’t feel the need to cake on the foundation and do plan on being okay with some sight of my acne scars. i also plan on moving onto a stick foundation; i can’t give a serious answer on why i’m so set on using a stick foundation right now, but it’s been on my mind and i plan on going through with it. i also am prepared – unlike last year – for the sweat. last year was my first year here in arizona and i can say without a doubt even if you don’t sweat much like i don’t, you will sweat during the “spring” season here.


i plan on using my stick foundation more on fuller coverage days, and finishing my liquid foundation – because dammit i will finish it! – on days where i might just be in my office, and mix it with my mattifying primer to give it some ability to hold on through the day, because otherwise it will slide off by noon. i also plan on engaging in some “baking” of the face as well, specifically in my t-zone. sweat will not win this time!!!


pictured: bobbi brown stick foundation in cool walnut 8.5, tarte 12 hour amazonian clay foundation in rich honey, smashbox contour kit in deep, becca ever-matte poreless primer, morphe m104 angle brush, eco tools buffing brush, dermablend loose setting powder


the cheeks:


i think even in the small amount of time i’ve had this blog i’ve stated time and time again the way i do my blush. well sorry, but here it goes again: i blush in a contour way, over my contour for a more heated and warm touch of color into my skin. i also don’t like to look like neapolitan ice cream so this technique will be continuing year-round; but the color will be a bit cooler – since apparently i am cool under toned – and will invoke a more “muted pink” look as well. i probably only f’ks with pink during the spring and it doesn’t even look like your traditional pink, because i usually mix it will a more natural toned blush for a more natural look on someone of my skin tone.


in terms of highlight – well sorry for the limited edition item i do have in the pictures – becca cosmetics rose quartz – but a little birdy told me if you don’t have this product and want an effect similar to it and you’re not strapped for cash then buying becca’s shimmering skin perfector pressed in rose gold and pearl and using the ratio of 3/4 pearl to 1/4 rose gold, you can get a comparable effect to this limited edition item.


i don’t personally pull pink in most of my pink toned highlights and i like that, it does give me a nice gloss but it doesn’t make me overly unnatural. becca’s shimmering skin perfector in rose quartz is the pink highlight for me followed by the balm cindy-loumanizer – i admit this highlighter does carry some pink on me, but not for long – my cheek area usually eats it up within a few hours and leaves a simple sheen.


my everyday highlighter for spring will without a doubt be the cargo cosmetics colorstick highlighter in champagne. lord dear jesus – this is the highlight i’ve been waiting for, my cheeks did not eat this up, it blended in perfectly even after i set my foundation and the look was completely natural. i couldn’t say enough good things about this product! i am concerned with how it will hold up in a warmer time of the year but i have all the faith in this product.


pictured: the balm cosmetics the manizers highlight trio, cargo cosmetics colorstick, becca mineral blush in hyacinth and sweetpea, anastasia beverly hills a23 brush, morphe m433 pro firm blending fluff brush, becca blushed with light holiday palette (limited edition: but still available on beautylish)


the eyes:



i think this, for me, is the most natural time of year for my lids. once again, this is when i have the bulk of my work meetings and i’m very introverted so i don’t go out too often, so keeping it natural-ish is my usual go to look. depending on the cheeks – which are usually subtle – i will go for a bolder green look – which really isn’t overly bold if you do it right or a nice muted “half” smokey purple look, and per usual a simple bronzed eye look never hurt anyone.


the main route i get these work appropriate looks no matter the color is i usually leave the brighter part to the lid and keep the crease neutral with a nice taupe brown color; it also opens my eyes a bit more since they usually look a bit smaller – i either look like i engaged in the new approval trend for marijuana or just had my first hit of the still illegal pcp; there is no in-between for my eyes – |also: don’t worry, i’ve never done drugs it’s just a joke.|


i also want to engage more in cream eyeshadows – i’ve yet to find a true matte cream eyeshadow but these will do well on the lids. i do really like the ease of a one tool eye look and it stays put all day long. i don’t have oily lids, but during the next two seasons i wear a primer just in case the heat decided to make my lids oily.


for spring, i think i’ll try to adhere a lot more on the cooler side of the spectrum or at least on the muted. if i had to choose two bold colors for the season – green and purple – simply because i wear a lot of green and purple during spring.


pictured: lorac pro 3 eye shadow palette, lorac unzipped palette, inglot freedom system eye shadow 161 shine, 74 amc, 333 matte, 12 shine, 44 shine, the balm batter up eye shadow sticks in slugger and curveball, signma single eye shadow in notre dame


the lips:


i’m trying this nude thing a bit – i only really wear lipstick in the fall and winter honestly, but i plan on at least giving spring-ish colors a try. a red maybe, maybe a more fuchsia-toned pink, and of course a brown; i can openly say i doubt i will wear these colors on a regular basis but maybe try and dip my toe into the lip pool. i have crazy pigmented lips so i doubt any of these colors – besides the bold ones – will cover the color and might actually make me look washed out; but i want to jump out of my comfort zone.


although if i feel like one person looks at me weird i know i will – because we all do it – instantly make it about the lips, and then i’m killing all “natural/nude” lippies in my stash – they’re all getting cut from the team, dead, put away, makeup jail! basically i’ll stick to chapstick for the spring until cooler weather comes along and i can go back to my soul sucking color scheme.


pictured: bite beauty matte crème lip crayon in orchid (color is limited ediiton), nars lip glide in bound, urban decay vice lipstick matte lipstick in 1993, colourpop lippie stix in dukes, n.y.x. turnt up lipstick tulsa, burt bee’s lipstick in blush basin, colourpop lippie stix in chateau


nothing like ending a post with some weird crusade against nude lipsticks right?! once again, this is not a concrete plan on my makeup this upcoming season but more of the color scheme i plan on working within, but as most of us can attest to, plans change and i’m sure this one will as well. a bit more time into the actual spring weather i do plan on doing an update with, hopefully, pictures of me! i need to get a better tripod and learn angles – i am not a selfie picture pro at all!


i hope you all enjoyed this post or at least the pictures! thanks for reading and good days (or nights) to you all!

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