this week i may have made a purchase or two or more. some of these products are fresh off the brand’s release, some are brand’s permanent staple items that i got for sale and some are to remedy a problem. i’m only a few days into all of these products but thought a blog post about these items were necessary! let’s begin!


nars banc de sable highlighting palette $49


i’m currently building up one serious nars obsession – i already have my eyes set on their eyeshadow palette being released in mid-march and have their blush palette as well. i know for a fact this isn’t the only nars product(s) i have but i can’t for the life of me either remember if i used it all up or if i still have it somewhere hiding in that makeup bin i need to sort out.


this is their new sephora exclusive highlighting palette, i didn’t even know about this product drop until seeing it on my instagram explore page and immediately bought it. shipping did take a bit longer than my regular 2 day shipping, but was it worth it? let’s find out:


i’ve had nars’ liquid highlight that’s what i used to have!!! in orgasm but i found from time to time i thought it looked too shimmery on me – i will admit my skin now is a lot better than it was then so maybe it was the texture of my skin more than the product itself. this product however is not glittery or shimmery – it has a nice gloss sheen which is what i prefer; i can only use two of the colors realistically as the white highlight is really something i can’t foresee a situation of use for, but i don’t mind that as much.


if you’re one to really like pigmentation, you should know this isn’t a becca highlight – this is a very light to medium highlight – once again what i prefer, so i don’t mind; i do really like this product even though i just got it. you should also be aware that this is a lot smaller – once again – than you’d think. i’ve noticed this is a common theme amongst nars products; so i’m not nearly as shocked about it, i saw the size and thought “yep, that’s nars”.


becca ever matte primer $15-36


here in arizona spring still isn’t here but there are random days where it does get a bit on the toasty side – i do have a very oily t-zone so i’m sort of preparing ahead of time to be ready for the slick of sweat that will come my way – arizona doesn’t have a traditional spring then summer season routine, they have summer 1 and summer 2: the return of the heat – bigger, badder and will make you never want to leave your house. i’ve read more than my share of reviews on this and the main consensus is that if you have oily skin – this is great, if you have combo skin – this may be a little too matte and if you have dry skin – why are you even reading this review! i have combo skin with certain oily parts and certain dry patches, so i will more than likely use a little to combat the nose, forehead and chin area. although for summer, in 120f i may still need it all over my face despite the combination skin aspect.


obviously i love becca; welcome to the family

i opted to get the smaller size – only available at sephora and ulta – to try it out first. i haven’t finished my current foundation and will probably mix a small amount of this with it to make it less dewy in the current afternoon warmth.

bobbi brown stick foundation $46


i’m still not done with my current foundation and i usually like to use up one foundation and then buy another, but sometimes i get so fed up with the one i’m currently using – the tarte amazonian clay 12 hour foundation – it’s not the best of coverage and i find it takes a while to meld with other products (i.e. blush, contour, highlight). usually after 30 minutes or an hour of having it on then my face really starts to look put together. it’s also fairly dewy which means when mid- march hits it’s going to slide off my face epically! |in case you don’t know spring in arizona is mid to high 80/90s and summer in arizona is 100/120f| it also doesn’t cover all of my acne scars; but while it is an alright foundation and i do love the eventual look it gives my skin i wanted something else.


i did want a stick foundation and i was originally going to get the lancôme stick foundation, but opted for bobbi brown instead – it’s also how i found out that i’m not warmed toned, but cooled toned! the reviews on this foundation seem to link to what i want – a more matte finish, higher coverage and won’t take forever to absorb my other products.


if i could give you a little piece of advice: i have my color shade saved in my sephora account and it said that almond 7 would be my match which i was bit skeptical of – i opted to buy it in stores for a closer look and almond 7 was not my shade. i know i usually think i’m darker than i really am – maybe wishful thinking – but i knew i wasn’t almond 7 light. it turns out i’m a cool undertone walnut 8.5 – if that description doesn’t crack you up! – so i would recommend going in store rather than winging it. also if you’re a new customer on the bobbi brown website you can receive 15% off your first purchase, and since her products are higher end a little discount might help you out.

the balm batter up eye shadow sticks $17


out of nowhere i got an email saying that read that the balm cosmetics were having another 50% off sale – the last time i partook in this sale was for black friday – i only online shop during the holidays, death is not worth a discount! – it was a nice price introduction into their brand and so i bought an eye shadow palette and their highlight trio palette along with two of their batter up eye shadow sticks – this time i simply bought all minus one of their eye shadow sticks i was missing. i love the color payoff even on my skin tone and the product rubs onto your eyelids smoothly and can be blended out with your finger or a brush.


i’m assuming this sale happens more often than someone would assume a 50% off sale would happen, but i also remember some people being extremely angry – during black friday – that it was weeks after and they still didn’t get their products. my items however, shipped the exact same day i ordered them – just like last time – and got to my apartment in a timely fashion – just like last time – so i can’t speak for a negative customer service experience, but if you want to wait and roll the dice for some great products and a great price, i would encourage it.


sigma e40 tapered blending brush in copper $16 and notre dame eye shadow  $7.70

*also available on nordstrom where you get free shipping*


once again this was a sale purchase – during presidents’ day weekend sigma had a great sale of 30% certain brushes and products as well as free u.s. shipping so i opted to get myself a little something. my sigma brush collection is slowly growing and i think i may have finally found the brush brand for me! even though their items are made in china – boo – they are of exceptional quality for their price point. this brush i read in reviews was great for crease blending for people with more hooded eyes – which i have sometimes. it was about $5 cheaper than usual and i decided to spring for it – glad i did.


it works beautifully just like my other sigma brushes and looks the part as well. their eye shadow on the other hand – not for me; don’t get me wrong this is a beautiful shadow with a beautiful color but it just doesn’t work on my lid the way i thought it would. based off the color i thought it would be a gorgeous eggplant purple – but it was very sheer with only a slight purple tint. i know for a fact it will be a great topper on the lid to a matte purple eye shadow but i still don’t think it was worth the price.


that all – even though this was kind of a lot – in terms of new in products for me. i do – per usual – have plans on buying some more goodies in the near future so look out for another post. thanks for reading and good days (or nights) to you all!


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