we’re into a new month and my last beauty box is on the blog! i think this is the latest i’ve ever gotten an allure beauty box – which is ironic because my sephora and ipsy bags usually come last and they got here first this month. i usually like my allure boxes and i like this one as well, but february’s birchbox still wins! so let’s see what’s inside of this cute box.


p.s. does anyone know who these girls on the box are? i think they’re the same person, but that might sound a little ignorant (i.e. all white people look the same) eh?


first aid beauty facial radiance pads $15 for 28 // $30 for 60

i was so excited to try this product! i love first aid beauty – their cleanser is something i use minimum a few times a week. this is an exfoliating, toning and skin brightening pad all in one and while i don’t really think it brightens as much as it does tone and exfoliate it does do a good job of making my skin feel clean and nice! in my current skin routine i only use a toner a few times a month and mostly when i have some hormonal changes in my skin. for the price, its great especially since their products tend to last a long time. i would say don’t go in too hard into your skin, because even though it is a pad and you usually rub face pads into your face with some rigger, this is an exfoliate pad as well, despite how soft it may feel and you don’t want to risk aggravating your skin.


**also available at sephora, ulta and beautybay


cargo colorstick in champagne $28

it’s time to welcome another highlighter to the family – i actually have another highlighter in route from sephora! – this is a highlight stick, which is a nice change to me. i usually wear powder highlight and on very rare occasions liquid. warning: this is an odd texture – kind of like a smooth powder – like a baby powder in stick form if you will. you’ll also think that because of the texture, when you rub it on your face nothing’s coming off – it’s coming off and it’ll end up being too much if you don’t check after one swipe. i also don’t think this is meant to be another item addition to the current “glow to the gods” highlight trend, but primarily for that “oh you turned your face and the light hit it in the perfect way” subtle highlight – which i why i like it so much! it’s a win for me.


**also available at ulta


grandelips hydrating lip plumper $27

nice try on this one! fool me once…..what’s it…..

“There’s an old saying in Tennessee — I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.”

george w. bush reference for the win! i’m sorry, but i wasn’t even going to give this a go after the too faced lip plumper. i decided i would just look at reviews online for a solid 30 minutes and tell you what the consensus seemed to be – here we go – the product works nicely, but for the price and the amount you get and how short of a time the product last it may not be worth a rebuy. sorry but i’ve learned my lips are not meant for lip plumpers.


**also available at sephora


beautycounter lengthening mascara $29

i don’t use mascara and i don’t plan on doing it anytime soon – not even for this blog; sorry – but once again from research and the fact that this particular mascara has been featured in a few magazine articles about how great it is – it may be worth a try if your lashes are really struggling or you want to accentuate just how great your lashes already are.



red flower moroccan rose candle $38

this was a weird one! why there was a candle in this box i don’t know – i also wasn’t 100% fond of the smell when i opened the box, but that’s simply because i’m very sensitives to smell, especially rose scents. i decided to give this mini candle a light and the smell is tolerable, but i’m not a huge candle person, so it was simply alright. i will still be purchasing candles from target once a year.


olay pro-retinol eye treatment $25

i’ve actually never used olay anything in my life, and i’m slowly trying to move into a more chemical free skin care routine – i’m basically 90% there already, i just need to find a good face moisturizer – so i don’t think i’ll be using this especially because since i was a kid my mom told me retinol can make black crack and my black – thanks to adult acne – has already bruised a bit.

**also available at all drug stores and ulta


overall, i think this was a very odd allure box. with the exception of the candle, i can donate most of this stuff and give it away to friends, so it’s not a complete loss, especially for $10, i still love allure.


thanks for reading!

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