another week another beauty box – at the time this post goes up i should have the allure beauty box review in the queue ready to load as the next post – this post is obviously from my sephora play box and this, just like my birchbox and ipsy bag was great minus one or two duds. it wasn’t my favorite box i got this month – that title is usually taken by allure – but so far birchbox is number one. so let’s see what’s inside:



sephora’s theme this month was “the soft side” which i’m presumptuously going to state is because of valentine’s day – or it could be instead of the current boom in your face trend they’re leaning to a more soft focus natural look – either way the theme is “soft”. i guess i can see how the sample products do invoke a sense of natural beauty, but i didn’t really understand the entire theme – but hey mom, it’s art!


clinique pep start hydroblur moisturizer $29.50

i personally love clinique skin care – for most of my life i used drugstore skin care and it did nothing for my skin – i now solely use their moisturizers and eye cream and leave actual skin treatments to more natural brands. this specific moisturizer is also meant to act as a primer to create a soft focus blur to your make up – a la hourglass mineral veil except with the addition of being a cream as well – when i tried it i really did like it, but i still like my mineral veil primer more. i will, however, use this when i need to get ready fairly quickly that way i can cancel out a step or two since it is more of a 2-in-1 product.

find it here at sephora


nars velvet lip glide in bound $26

i got a deluxe nars velvet lip glide before as an online offer and loved the color and it seems that with this deluxe sample as well, i’m going to start taking a leap of faith and buy a full size version of this product. i, like a lot of other people, – no matter the love of makeup – rarely ever finish a tube of lipstick before it expires so i love mini versions and sample sizes, but i think with how much i love the formula and the color payoff i’ll buy a $26 lipstick – gosh that’s a hard pill to swallow, even for me – simply because i’m falling more and more in love with nars products and quality.

find it here at sephora


marc jacobs divine decadence $92

each play box comes with a perfume sample – i have a full ipsy bag of perfume samples from sephora based off me ordering online so often. i’m not a huge perfume person so i never buy a full size perfume i just stick to the samples. i like this perfume like i like most of marc jacobs perfumes, but i can’t justify paying nearly $100 for a perfume when i don’t even finish the samples i get for free-ish.

also to note: the perfume seems to be cheaper on the march jacobs website than on the sephora website, so if you want to save some cash go that route.

find it here at sephora


sephora collection lashcraft length & volume mascara $12

this was the first of two duds in this box simply because i don’t wear mascara – funny enough my intern at work was asking about higher end mascara and i have a few deluxe sample sizes i was going to give her so this will join the club on its way to someone who will appreciate it; so not a complete dud really.


too faced lip injection glossy in milkshake $22

this mother fucker! i don’t know how you ladies and gents do it! i’ve heard a few beauty bloggers say how this stings a little – i figured even though i have plump lips already i would still give it a go. i understand that because it is a lip plumper it will tingle and even sting, but this was another animal. the smell took my breath away – and not in the good terms either – but i’m also extremely sensitive to smell. but then there was the feels – there’s a different between tingle, sting and burning and this product surpassed burning and felt like a sizzle. despite how dry my lips are they are also very sensitive and i couldn’t handle it. i can’t say i saw a difference either since i didn’t even last 5 minutes. i can’t really give a deep review on this as 1. i have plump lips already and 2. i’m a baby and couldn’t handle the sting.

find it or don’t here at sephora


origins ginzing refreshing eye cream $30

i love all origins products at this point – i use their masks religiously and love their cleansers and overnight mask. i find their products to be well worth the price since they actually work and don’t have any extra unnecessary nasties in it. this product falls into the same category. i’ve used this eye cream before as i got a bigger size of it with a points purchase and this cute little mini will be great for travel. seriously if you don’t know much about origins, get informed, they were a part of my new skincare journey and i’ve haven’t felt more confident in the way my skin looks since before high school.

find it here at sephora


i guess to round it out there was really only one dud in this box – i still remember the feeling on my lips – and the other product is just something i don’t use, but is a major product for other people who buy makeup so i can’t really fault beauty boxes/bags for that. i did like this bag a lot – i just really hated that lip plumper.

thanks for reading!!!!


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