hello everyone and let me state that I am as happy as bug |how happy can a bug really be, but whatever| I finally, FINALLY! got my hands on this beauty!



This is the Viseart Petit Pro Palette – for those of you who don’t know, viseart is essentially an artisanal MAC from France. It was once primarily used for makeup artist but with the current makeup boom they now sell to everyone. if you also don’t know Viseart’s prices are well…….not for the faint of heart – before this palette the cheapest product you could get was the 6-color-eye shadow Theory Palette for $45 available primarily at Sephora, Beautylish and Muse Beauty, The primary price for Viseart is $80 for eye and cheek palettes sold once again at Sephora, Beautylish and Muse Beauty.


This was my chance to finally try out Viseart without paying $45 for 6 eye shadows and a whopping $80 for either 12 eye shadows or 6 blushes/highlight/contour palettes. It was originally sold on Muse Beauty- but like most shoppers I can justify a $30 mini eye shadow palette, but shipping is where I draw the line! It was then sold on Sephora – but sold out quicker than Beyoncé concert tickets and then incurred major issues in transportation thanks to customs, so then when it became available finally on Beautylish – I ordered the minute it dropped and just to make sure I got free shipping I bought a $5 Anna Sue color case – I really don’t even know what this is but it was cute and I’d rather get 2 things for $35 than 1 thing for $30 and have to pay $5 shipping – I don’t know how to explain it but that’s the way it is…..|somethings will never change, aw yeah, aw yeah|



Now onto the actual products – fuck it’s small but I expected that, it looked small so I don’t mind and you won’t hear me bitching about it really. I love how compact it is and who doesn’t want to travel with a classy eye shadow palette like this. This palette – unlike any other Viseart palette – has a mirror and has the same flap design packaging as the Theory palettes.


The colors are gorgeous! I’ve never had an eye shadow palette where I could use every color – but I ruminate that I finally found one. I reason that’s probably why I’m starting to gravitate towards mini palettes so much – I can basically use every single color and not waste anything. I feel like I can even use the white eye shadow in some way or another. I love the colors they decided to make matte and the shimmers are simply breathtaking. They’re like little finely milled jewels.


The quality and pigmentation of these shadows as well – lord! I hate the word “pigmentation” thanks to YouTube because everything is “super pigmented” but the depth and output of the colors of these shadows are amazing as well as smooth! It has the most luxurious texture when you swatch it and covers the eye amazingly well. i also hate the term “SHOOK!” but I finally felt that overused snapchat terminology when I used it.


In all seriousness I do believe in quality over quantity – so would I pay $30 for a small |petit is in the frickin’ name people!| eye shadow palette that has amazing colors, amazing quality, an aesthetic that draws me in, as well as credibility from a brand like Viseart – Yes I would! And now that I finally have used it – I have plans; dangerous plan, wallet breaking plans; plans that will make this blog COME ALIVE!!!!!!! w. Viseart – I’m eyeing their orange-violet cheek palette, their plum-bronze cheek palette for fall, the Theory palette in Minx and their Dark Mattes palette. I’m officially a Viseart convert.


This palette is currently sold out basically every except for Muse Beauty if I’m not mistaken, but you can get email alerts from Sephora and Beautylish when it’s back in stock.




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