So my birchbox came in the mail last week and this time I’ve decided to use the products and then write this post. I really like birchbox – this is my fourth box and I like the quality of the items as well as the versatility. There were a few duds in this box but all around I’m going to say this was a win!


amika perk up dry shampoo $24


i’m not exactly sure why, but maybe it’s a sign that i need some dry shampoo; this is the fourth dry shampoo i’ve received in half as many months. i think i’m going to bite the bullet and try it because none of my friends use dry shampoo and if it doesn’t work for me it’ll just go in the donation pile with the rest of my dry shampoos.


brandt microdermabrasion skin exfoliant $79


this is the second time i’ve got this exact same product; once again maybe it’s a sign. this isn’t the first dr. brandt sample size product – i tried their pore minimizer some time ago and it just didn’t work for me |maybe my pores aren’t as serious as I think so there was nothing to be done| – but i could imagine that the price tag of this product could motivate this brand to give out more sample sizes as points products (like sephora) or in beauty boxes (i got this same product in my allure january box). i would like to note that while i do have a couple of these products my skin is fairly sensitive and i’m currently using the sample size peter thomas roth’s pumpkin enzyme mask which has some exfoliate in it and i use it once a week and it’s been working great for me.


lipp miracle balm $16.50 (u.s. store) here


this son of a bitch – up until now i was living a happy life with my dollar priced carmex and then this came into my box and now i’m so torn! this product is amazing! i know for a fact i’ll be purchasing this for winter – i’ll probably purchase a few. this is a thick – like redbone thick – lip balm and it feels great on the lips. i have extremely dry lips to the point where i have to apply lip balm a few times a day or it will crack, bleed and become super gross – carmex keeps it in line but i always know that no matter what cracking will happen when winter is coming. i think this will be a good resource for me in the winter to counteract the severe dry lips issue in partnership with my cheap carmex.


embryolisse lait-crème concentrè $28


here goes another son of a bitch! |two bitches in one box eh!!!!| i have another one of these in my draw that i’ve yet to use – the packaging is so memorable to me though so i checked and bam! i have two backups – i didn’t even really know what it was so after realizing it was a moisturizer i decided to squeeze one of the tubes into my hand moisturizer – josie maran’s whipped argan oil body butter – since my cuticles are on its last lifeline and I was desperate – i must say it works and for the price i’ll be repurchasing the full size now rather than later. you don’t find fancy moisturizers like that at that price and not buy it. |p.s. i get the smaller 2 oz. travel size body butter from sephora here|


manna kadar cosmetics lip locked stain – rosette $24


……and back to lip glosses for people with no color on their lips. i will say i do really like the formula of this lip balm and the eye shadows from this brand as well are amazing – but i feel like beautybox companies in general send lip balms that are only made for one demographic. what is someone with my skin tone and pigmented lips going to do with this? i’ll tell you – donate it or pass it onto her paler friends – that’s it. the stain is amazing the color not so much.


like i said – i really do like this box – i plan on finally trying a dry shampoo, i’m sure i’ll try the dr. brandt product since i now have two, i found “will buy” products and brands i can’t wait to explore more and there was only one dud. that’s 80/100 – and if any of us has taken math that’s a passing grade!


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