Another day another post involving BECCA! This consists of their newest Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Prismatic Amethyst. It launches this Wednesday |February 22nd| online only at Sephora and in stores in March, but is currently only available to VIB & VIB ROUGE customers – which is how I have it now.


I admit that I am the last person to pick up something – especially a highlighter – early just because I have a certain status; I like to look at the item I’m buying usually in person and take it home myself to make sure shipping doesn’t cause any shattering, but this time was different, this time not only did I revel in the fact that I could get it early, I woke up earlier than I usually do just to make sure I got one and then once I bought one, I went right back and bought another |I have free flash 2 day shipping so I didn’t pay shipping twice| and to let you all know ahead of time – I’m so happy I did.


Prismatic Amethyst is everything I thought Rose Quartz was going to be, because obviously rose is in the title I thought it would have a color tint on me – I don’t usually like colored highlight in a gaudy way but a little addition of color to bring a nice glossy hue to my face is nice with the matte looks I usually wear – instead it was very clear, still glossy, but no extra color, I bought two of Rose Quartz and I highly doubt I’ll even finish the one.



This however has color and lots of it, once again in glossy clean sophisticated way. When I opened it I was disappointed as it didn’t have any color – I mean the pictures alone look white but I’m so happy I swatched it – it starts out as offset pastel pink and then over time oxidizes to an amazing light lilac purple all the while having this nice holographic effect to the light – it won’t look like your face just went to a rave it will look like a different shade of sky light hit your face – think of it as a sunrise on your face – depending on the light and where you are you’ll get a different breathtaking color.



Now this is Limited Edition which I know to a lot of people who are familiar with BECCA may either be butt hurt about that term from this brand or simply not believe it – but I wouldn’t risk being wrong and missing out. I’m still considering buying another backup but in all honesty that may be just a little too much consumerism for me |I blame the business degree|. Like a lot of people still beg BECCA to bring back Rose Quartz, but there is a low likelihood of that happening, I think the same will happen with this product. When it comes to products of this nature and this design BECCA seems to keep their word with the term “Limited Edition”.



The price is on the more expensive side – $38 – but I think sometimes it’s worth it; it’s from a brand I love, a product I love and I can also use this blog as an excuse to indulge in my wants – word it into needs – whenever I want. I would say if you’re apprehensive about buying it wait until it’s out in stores – mostly because while it swatched all these beautiful colors on me I’ve seen it on paler completions and I don’t see the same “holographic” tones, so I think skin tone has a lot to do with it as well.



I guess to wrap this up – I love this product and I would purchase it again. I don’t plan on wearing this every day and if I did wear this to work it would be very lightly applied, but I do see endless limitations on this. It can be used for Halloween, it can be used as an eye shadow, or it can be used as a lipstick topper to give your lipstick the hologram effect and as its original purpose it can be used as a bomb ass highlighter. Okay, okay, that the end of my sales pitch! Enjoy! you can buy BECCA’s Shimmering Skin Perector Pressed in Prismatic Amethyst here




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