I thought a nice weekly post could what did I put on my face this week. I am somewhat a creature of habit and if I wear something on a Monday the likelihood of me wearing it on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday is high – there may be a tweak or two but not really. p.s. I don’t wear makeup on the weekends and usually not five days a week either As my base is the same – you can read about that here – I thought I’d just post about the extras.



I love Lorac and I think they are the main brand of eye shadows that I own, so I thought I’d finally really start using my Unzipped palette. I saw a look on Nars Cosmetics’ Instagram of a girl with red eyeshadow and I absolutely loved it! I wanted to go for a more subtle smoky effect and thought this palette would do the trick. It did, I loved the look and I kept doing it. On Monday and Wednesday I made it simply matte but on Friday I added some UNATTAINABLE to the lid for a bit of shimmer |because you want to look good while you’re getting your taxes done.


I used unbridled |which is very fitting because I’m single AF| on the entire eye with UNSPOKEN in the entire crease to deepen it and UNTAMED in the outer third crease to create a bit of a darker effect. In my humble opinion it came out awesome. Note: I was very timid with the look on Monday and did a much tamed down idea of this look but by Friday it took on a life of its own.




For the cheeks I stuck to my usual – the E.L.F blush palette in dark. I went for it mostly because it was right there and I kept forgetting to take out another blush to use, but it looked great with the eyes and towards the end of the week I started using BECCA’s Nightingale with the E.L.F. blush as well. I plan on using it alone in the coming week. I use these three colors all together and use it in my contour area to make it look a bit like natural “blushing” – I don’t blush in my cheeks I blush in the outer area of my face.




This is my go to for work, its Bronzed Amber by BECCA. I use it often because it gives a nice gleam of gloss while keeping it classy – basically it looks like I was somewhere with the perfect amount of humidity and not the frickin’ dry ass dessert.




I’ve been saying that I would dip into my lipstick bag because I paid for all these damn lipsticks I’m going to be using it – this week since I had a darker eye and blush I went for a “nude” lipstick – yes this is nude for me, I’m brown so pink ain’t nude! I prefer a darker brown because I don’t want my lips to look ashy. Colourpop Cosmetics Lippie Stick in Pitch was the one this week. I would call it a perfect dupe for MAC’s Antique Velvet. It was nice enough to not clash with my look and color my very pigmented lips.




I drive around for work a lot – but this week I was inside for most of it so I opted to try out new technique for my foundation. I usually spend all day talking to people |which is hard when you’re anti-social| so I prefer a fuller coverage base – since I didn’t have to do that this week I lightened it up a bit with BECCA’s Backlight Priming Filter, it made me look a cute dewy – except for the t-zone that was an oily mess/thank you blotting pads – but when I switch to a matter foundation for the Spring and Summer I’ll continue to add this that way I don’t look like a wax doll.


so that wraps it up for this week in terms of my makeup – i do plan on using more different things every week and want to use my stash more so this will be a great motivator in actually do it.

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