So I’m not typically a haul person so this isn’t a post genre that will come up often, – hopefully – I’m more of a “New In…” blogger instead as I’ll buy a few thing during the month and then round it all up, but bulk shopping tends to be a No-No……unless it’s Beautylish.

Depending on how much beauty shopping you do, you may or may not know about Beautylish – which if this is the case let me inform you – I am a diehard Sephora lover, if something is available at all retailers including Sephora I will choose Sephora over them all – I find their customer service to be top tier as well as their employees – Beautylish is my online Sephora if you will. I will actually state that Beautylish’s customer service even surpasses Sephora!


They carry more high-end items that leans towards the “treat yoself” mantra and they have a 3 month payment plan option for orders over $100 without a credit check (fyi this is only available to customers in the U.S., U.K., Australia, Canada and New Zealand) – although if it is over $300 you may be required to put down more money and have to do a credit check so don’t get too crazy – but I usually do bulk shopping for higher end items there and use the monthly payment option solely because I find it fun – which is a bit silly because I pay all three monthly payments in that same month, but hey everyone has their quirks.


Now onto the actual haul….it’s not a haul per se because I did just buy 3 things but one of them was a value pack of goodies from my favorite brand: BECCA!!!! So let’s get this haul started!

BECCA Create Your Own Light $69


I love BECCA – that will become common knowledge on this blog – and I love a good steal as well, this is a Beautylish Exclusive Pack and it contains some of BECCA’s well known products, some products that are currently discontinued as well as some products you don’t usually associate with BECCA.

Backlight Priming Filter $38


I’ve yet to use a BECCA Primer, which is rapidly changing since I have another BECCA primer in the mail for the upcoming heat. This primer is meant to counter act the matte look foundations give, to blur your face in a sense – basically make everything look smooth and all-in-one – while this is under your makeup it should help make all things on top of it – foundation, bronzer, contour, blush, highlight – look uniform and like a “no make-up” face.


I’ve tried it by now and I’m going to admit how much I like it before I pass on to the negative. This does give your skin a glow – just like most of my primers – it is also very hydrating on my dry areas in my personal opinion; that being said it will make your oily areas extra “luminous”. I had to powder my nose area – which get oily in less than an hour a few more times, but my dry areas didn’t have that tight feeling it can sometimes have after a few hours in makeup living in the desert – so I find this a win and I’ll use a mattifying primer in my oily T-Zone area to combat the purpose of this primer.

Luminous Blush in Snapdragon $34


I’ve been eyeing the Luminous Blush in Tigerlily for some time now but my skin hadn’t really been shimmer blush skin material. It’s finally started to look better – a post I’ll write about later – and I feel like soon I’ll be able to wear a bit more shimmer infused face products besides highlight on my face. I will say that pink isn’t usually a color I would go to and it wasn’t a top reason why I got this but it did swatch fairly nice on my skin while not being super pigmented. I don’t think this would look all that great the way I usually blush – over my contour areas – so this would have to be a more apple of the cheeks blush and something I’ll try more of during the summer.

Shimmering Skin Perfector Liquid in Opal $19 – 42


Yes, more highlight because I don’t have enough of something I use so sparingly – I hope the sarcasm read properly through these words. I have plenty of highlighters and one more on its way in the mail – I can’t wait to write the post about it – but I have wanted to try opal and this seemed like a cost efficient way to do it as well. Opal works better with my skin tone than some other highlights and when I swatch it on my skin it was a bit sheerer and subtle compared to their powder counterpart – so this seems like a real win to me. I think on a day where I’m not too concerned with how it looks I’ll test drive mixing a bit into my foundation to see the effect it gives. |also note: there are two sizes of this product, one is the size in the pictures $19 is “travel size-ish” and one that’s the same size of the Luminous Priming Filter $42|

Shimmering Skin Perfector Slimlight in Champagne Pop $25 – discontinued


This is your last chance to get such a product – I think this was a “we haven’t sold all of this item” filler in this pack and it’s discontinued everywhere else so paying what those sharks on eBay would charge you but getting 4 extra items may be worth it if you want this product.

Now, maybe I’m in the minority but I rarely like JHxBECCA products. I have the splits, the summer 2016 palette and now this slimlight which I will use because it seems nicer than the powder form, but seeing as I’ve touched the palette only 3 times and I still haven’t even used the splits this is to me a “cool it’ll do” product.

Beach Tint in Fig $25


This is a product I really like in terms of color and don’t know how yet I want to use it. This is meant to be a “beach tint” – that California glow those cool girls who hang out a Venice Beach all summer and live life in the best of ways naturally have – those girls also tend to be of the Caucasian variety and I doubt this will show up too heavy on my skin. I do like it though and I think I will find a way to use it. The color is totally me and I realized it seemed like a mix between Nightingale and Sweet Pea powder blushes – so my current aspiration for this is to use those two blushes in my contour area and then use this beach tint on my actual cheeks just to give that fade into the actual blush look. Is it worth $25 on its own for this look? Nope, but since it came in this pack I will use it up! |also note: it seems like not that much comes in this already tiny package anyway, so it’ll be done fairly soon|




As I stated above – I like to do the payment option, once again I don’t know why since I pay it all off right away but it’s fun to me – and so to get to $100 buckets I also got these JOUER Crème Eye Shadow Crayons in the color abstract |the dark basically black with a midnight blue hue | and Renaissance |the sweet deep plum purple with shimmer as well |


They were both $22 and go on like a DREAM! I plan on buying more ASAP as I already have all their slim crème eyeliners and use them any time I’m wearing makeup.


So basically this HAUL was $181 worth of goodies for $109, I do have plans of using every single one of these items – while the blush is probably going to my intern at work since she might use it more than me and that level of pink might better be suited for a 16 year old as well.

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