IPSY February 2017 Beauty Bag

It’s beauty bag! IPSY is the first beauty box/bag I usually receive in the mail, followed by BirchBox, Allure and then finally Sephora. I stated in my last IPSY post that IPSY had never really wowed or please me since I started my subscription to them nearly a year ago and that I planned on cancelling it and figures this month is filled with things I’d actually use! Like every single thing I would use – I don’t know if it’s an the longer you’re signed up thing or a this month everything was great – but either way I think I’ll extend the subscription for another month!

Now what’s inside –


LUXIE 514 Blush Brush $18 –


I’ve yet to find the “perfect” blush brush – I currently use a Morphe brush and I really like it, but it’s not the be all end all brush for me; this month I got a full sized blush brush of something I actually may need – I don’t really ever use travel size (or medium sized) brush so this is one of the first beauty box/bag brushes that I actually plan on giving a try. I think the way I apply my blush – not on the apple of my check but slightly above contour – is perfect with this brush, as well as the fact that I’ve wanted to try LUXIE for some time now.


HIKARI Cream Pigment Eyeshadow in Latte  $13 –


I don’t know if I’m a cream pigment girl because I’ve never tried them. I find myself usually going towards more muted colors lately and the majority of the cream pigments I’ve seen are bright colors that aren’t usually seen as workplace appropriate so this color seems perfect to give a try. I’ve never heard much about the brand HIKARI and I think I’ve only ever really seem it in IPSY related bags and pictures but from the feel and texture of it I think I’m going to like it. The one thing I do know about cream pigments is that a usual eye shadow brush that swipes on the powder will give you little to no effect with cream pigments – you need a flat eye shadow brush and you need to push it into your lid or wherever you’re putting the pigment. Think of it as pressing your cream pigment into your face, which should give you maximum color payoff.

NYX Butter™ Lipstick in Lifeguard $5.99 –


This is another IPSY favorite brand and it’s a favorite brand of mine as well. I’m currently on a “no buy” for lipstick as I have a fair amount that I need to use up first but I don’t think this necessarily breaks the rules of the “no buy”. The color  is a gorgeous red and I have to admit I have yet to find the perfect red for me and while this isn’t it another red in the arsenal doesn’t hurt. It is very smooth on the lips with a good amount of pigment – once again my lips are a bit on the more pigmented side |especially my top lip| so this doesn’t cover everything, but it’s still a cute red.


Bio BELLE™ Botanic Fiber Facial Mask in #iwokeuplikethis and #staygorgeous $4.99 –


I now have three of these mask |my January Allure Beauty Box also had these| and have yet to use any of them; not because I don’t like them – but I often forget about facial mask that aren’t washed away, but now that I have three of these things I’ll try and use one this week and write a review on them. Bio BELLE by the name gives the impression that I shouldn’t have to worry too heavy about possible breakouts with my type of skin |combination acne prone with eczema| so I think I’m more open to trying this mask than another. #iwokeuplikethis is meant to “enhance skin’s natural glow” and #staygorgeous “hydrates & nourishes” I think this could be a great end of the week treat and for $4.99 each I don’t think it’ll break the bank for many.


SERAPHINE botanicals Luminude Skin Illuminator $24 –


This is another brand I haven’t heard of – IPSY tends to work alongside the up-and-coming or underground makeup brands it seems; and when I first saw this I thought it was a primer meant to illuminate underneath the foundation, instead it is simply and illuminator in liquid form that is meant to well give you that nice sheen that your skin naturally has and that foundation takes away. I plan on using it sometime this week as I’ve never tried something like this. While the size of this – I don’t know if it’s a specialty deluxe sample size or if this is the actual size – is small when it comes to highlight |or illuminator in this case| I prefer a dab here and a dab there so I figure this should last a while. This item is also vegan, GMO free and gluten free.


Final Verdict – I really love this month’s bag! Last month was really my last straw with IPSY but I forgot to cancel my subscription and this month is a total 5/5. I’ll keep my subscription for now, but I’m not willing to wait another 8 months to get a bag I love.

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