I just bought some new items from one brand that I love and another brand that I’m starting to get into. One was amazing and the other not so much! I thought I’d post a review of these items and talk write about it a bit. Here goes………



Earlier this week I went to my local Sephora and got the NARSISSIST Unfiltered I Cheek Palette and it was not a bust at all. A few months ago I had bought the NARSISSIT Cheek Palette and once I opened it I knew it would not look good on my skin tone. I returned it and a few weeks later got the VIB Rouge alert about this palette. I chose to wait until it hit stores because I like to see what it looks like if I can before I make a purchase that expensive and just now did I finally see it at my Sephora.


I do plan on getting the Unfiltered 2 palette as well, but for now I really wanted the 1. My first assessment of it when I took it out the box was that it was much smaller than I thought it would be; not to say it’s too small, but in pictures it just seemed so much bigger – but the likelihood of you ever finishing a blush is little to none so there really is no worry. My second assessment was that this wasn’t solely a blush palette – I don’t like shimmer blush – I stick to matte because I do have some texture on my face – but I think even the biggest lover of shimmer blushes would state that the top row is more of a highlight row rather than a blush row.


Top Row: As I stated above the top row for me is simply highlight options. I think the fact that each pan’s highlight offers you a different highlight option is amazing. It’s not gold 1, gold 2 and gold 3. (L–R) There is a nice champagne gold (Watch Me) that is subtle enough to go with every look if you’re of deeper skin tone; the middle highlight option (Me First) is a pink champagne/diluted rose gold color which I think will look great in the spring when more muted blush is in style; the right option (Takeover) is probably the color I will use either in the summer or late spring – it’s essentially a purple/pink highlight – which can easily be said hasn’t really been done before without being gaudy; done lightly it will give your face a nice flush of color if you choose not to use blush that day.


Bottom Row: in my humble opinion these are the actual blushes and once again lean themselves to be used in various seasons. (L-R) first there is Out There a muted mauve color. I think this is a color I won’t wear too often – maybe in the winter or spring at the latest – but it is a color that will go nice with my skin tone. Next in the middle is Chic – this is purple – I feel like the distinction between mauve and purple get intertwined so often when talking about makeup but just because it’s not overly secondary color mixture bright purple doesn’t mean this blush isn’t purple. It’s purple just a more usable everyday purple. Last but definitely the reason why I bought this palette is the third blush Exhibit A. This is a permanent color in the NARS blush collection but anyone who knows NARS knows their blushes aren’t cheap. I figured buying this palette and getting the blush I’ve wanted for some time would best benefit my pocketbook.


Doing the math: this palette is $59 USD without tax and $65 USD max with tax – their blushes alone are $30 USD pre-tax, so here you’re getting 3 blushes/3 highlights for $65 at most which leans itself to about $11 for each pan max.


In terms of color payoff – it’s there! As a person of color there are some blushes that just aren’t made for us – and I mean that in the most literal of ways. Even if you’re biracial or Mediterranean skin tone some blushes just have no pigment on our darker skin tone. This is not the case with the Unfiltered Palette – I did brush swatches as I find finger swatches to be misleading – of course there’s going to be pigment you just smashed your finger into the pigment, rubbed it and then dragged it across your skin, that’s going to create pigment for anyone – each swatch is of about three light dips into each color and buffed onto the skin. So overall the color payoff and the pan to skin color tone is the same.


Overall I really do love this palette and plan on using it often for now – it is limited edition so I’ll probably hurry to buy the Unfiltered II palette before it’s too late. I think I chose right if I did just have to pick one as this palette has a more diverse color option and the three tone highlight options are a big bonus.



Now onto this palette – the Lorac California Dreaming Limited Edition Palette – what a dud! I have all three Pro 1 2 3 palettes and their Unzipped palette but this palette was a no go for me and even trying to swatch it was such a pain I didn’t even bother continuing after the third color swatch. I will say that maybe if you are of a lighter skin tone this would work a bit better for you, but I’ve seen in the comment sections under the California Dreaming pictures on LORAC’s Instagram that the payoff of color isn’t exactly a skin tone issue and more of a pigment issue.


I’m used to the pickup from Lorac eyeshadows – I understand fallout but these were just chunky. Thankfully I didn’t go out and spend money I didn’t have on it and I do plan on returning this for another Lorac eyeshadow palette instead but overall I did not like this palette.


Texture: I found the texture of the eye shadows to be off as well. Once again fallout and some dust up from Lorac eye shadows are expected, but so is a smooth application onto the lids – not the case with this. It was chalky if that explains it. You rub your brush into it – dust comes up and your rub it onto your eyelids and it just blends into nothing – even the darker of the colors did that.


I guess that’s all I really have to say about this palette. For $30 USD I expected something a bit better but once again it won’t deter me from the brand. I’ve had too many good experiences with this brand to let one dud ruin it – I’ll either get the Unzipped Gold or the Pro Matte Eye Shadow palette instead when I return this.


It’s a no for me dawg.


Thanks for reading – and remember these are just how i feel about these items – if you like them and they work for you great! Maybe i was just doing wrong!



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