WHAT I WEAR i.e. my “everyday” makeup look

So I thought I would get my real first post going with talking writing a little a lotta about my makeup aesthetic. I’m a very simple minded makeup lover who mostly dabbles in higher end makeup but also loves a good budget item as well. I’m also not one to have a huge number of certain items (i.e. foundation, concealer, eyebrow pencil) since I only have one face and I don’t actually wear makeup every day, so I’d much rather use all of what I have then repurchase it or move on to another brand/type in that makeup sector. I am however a hoarder of other types of makes (i.e. blushes, eyeshadow palettes, lipstick, highlight) just because – can a girl resist??? – no I don’t think so…..sooooo let’s get this going!


I want to go through this post in steps, so the order I apply my makeup is the order these photos will be in. in terms of primer I must admit I am either on or off of it; sporadically the pores on my face are extremely big and I use my porefessional face primer and other times it’s non-existent so it’s not necessary. I am also a recent convert to the hourglass mineral veil face primer and I love it! It does give your face that no-foundation-natrual-glow after you apply your base. I only need one pump and so the mini version for $19 actually last a good amount of time for me since I wear makeup make 4 days a week max– gotta let that skin breathe!


The Base: My current foundation is the Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation and my shade is Rich Honey – I’m slightly on the fence about this foundation, I wouldn’t actually say it is full coverage because from time to time you can see my newer acne scars underneath it, but it does a great job of hiding the majority of my flaws. I also love the way this foundation blends into my skin, it matches my skin color amazingly and it doesn’t look like foundation sitting on my face – it’s very smooth and almost gives a blur effect with the additional makeup I wear – all that being said it does crease into my smile lines something my now empty BECCA foundation i was the shade mink didn’t do, so once this is done – which it almost is – I don’t know if I will repurchase it, but for now it’s doing a great job besides 2 minor not so minor issues.


The Base (cont’d): To apply my foundation, I apply dots of it onto various areas of my face and then work it in with my eco tools buffing brush, I then press it in and smooth everything out with my real techniques sponge – semi-damp from water and sprayed with my urban decay all-nighter setting spray – I feel like this actually does make my makeup stay longer onto my face and make the foundation look better than if I would spray my face at the end. I also prefer this sponge to both the beauty blender and traditional orange real technique sponge. I find that the bigger flat area is great for working in my foundation, the smaller flat area blends in my N.Y.X. concealer and the tip point is great for liquid highlight. The concealer I use is great, I don’t have dark under eyes, fine lines, or bags so there’s not much work a concealer needs to do for me anyway – once again after I finish this concealer I would like to try the BECCA aqua luminous concealer.



Contour: I am not a heavy contour, but I do notice I look a bit un-sculpted after my foundation, which is odd to me because I do have a very structured face around the cheek bone area – but I contour that area lightly just to give the shadow back. it’s not to create something that isn’t naturally there – because my face is sculpted to my liking – it’s just to put something back that foundation took away. I use the Smashbox Step-by-Step contour kit. Smashbox is one of the few brands that have a contour kit that people of color can really use! It doesn’t make it look like there’s a brown glob on my face and blends great into my foundation. The brush I use is the Morphe M104 Angle Brush.


The Brows: as the theme continues – this is not an area where I need to create something that isn’t there – in fact I hate the current eyebrow tends and I try my best NOT to emulate it. My brows are naturally thick and bushy, but I got a botched thread job about two years ago and some areas – while they did grow back – can use some attention. I love the lashfood browfood brow gel BEFORE I use my NYX micro brow pencil and if and only if I’m wearing a totally matte eye will I use my OH MY BROW eyebrow highlight.



Blush: This can be thought of as funny simply because I have so many blushes ranging from BECCA, a new NARS blush palette, blushes from the Balm that I’m not the biggest fan of etc. but the one I use on most days when I have work is the E.L.F. blush palette in Dark. My cheeks eat blush up starting from t-minus-one-second, so by the time I come home at the end of the day all that’s left is some remnants of highlight, eye shadow, and nowhere to be seen: blush – no matter the pigmentation. This is also the case with this E.L.F. blush palette but the reason it’s my favorite is this hue that’s always there no matter what. I don’t know how to explain it really, but for me it’s mostly about the stain it gives my cheeks even by the end of a long day rather than the immediate look of it from start.


Also: the brush I use is the Morphe M105 Tapered Blush Brush – I don’t have any serious beloved feelings about it and it gets the job done very well for now. I don’t apply my blush on the actual apples of my cheeks but more slightly above my contour making a light ombre up to the end of my sideburns.



Eyes: This is as much of a case of basic bitch realness as you can get – of course my current go-to is the Lorac Pro Palette it was the first higher end eye shadow palette I bought and even though I now have all three Pro palettes, Tarte eyeshadow palettes, the Balm eyeshadow palettes etc. this one is best when you want a more subtle warm tone look and want to use one or two brushes – basically when I’m too lazy to try hard on my eye look – especially because I wear glasses and I’m half blind when without them and going back into the zoom mirror over and over again to make sure I don’t look like a punched raccoon is not something I want to do every day. I usually use the Morphe M433 brush to blend out the harsh lines (i.e. you want a smooth transition of colors even if you’re using two colors. if you’re only using one color then you want this brush to smooth the ends and let it fade into your skin to create a natural somewhat ombre effect).


If there is a secondary color the Morphe E22 Pointed Blender or Sigma Large Shader E60 is used only on the lid for me. I know some people use it to blend out shadows in their crease but since my eyes are a bit hooded it actually makes it ride up to my eyebrow bone and gives me a bad look – very 80s early 90s which is not a look I’m going for.


If I want to get fancy and add a third color to the out corner of my eye to add some definition then I use my Sigma Tapered Blending E40 brush, because it is tapered the bristles remains tightly wound and the movement of the bristles on the end of the brush still have some control to them, so it’ll move where I want it to. I can also use this to create a very controlled contoured look in my crease if I dare. I usually don’t dare though


Highlight: I don’t “glow to the gods!!!!” I usually have on  “matte” everything that I need some subtle highlight. I got the limited edition BECCA x Jaclyn Hill palette with the “holy grail for everyone” champagne pop and the new “OMG please make it permanent” prosecco pop |I actually kind of like prosecco pop| as well as two of the splits – but that’s just too much for me. Obviously I have a thing for BECCA – they were the first higher end brand that I ever bought – so it’s natural that I would have found the highlight I want from the highlight in every way/shape/form brand – bronzed amber.


I also have the limited edition Rose Quartz as well as a back up of it – but I don’t use it often and will try and see if I find a purpose for it during the summer or spring; but for now Bronzed Amber is the highlighter of my dreams; it has a nice gloss sheen – not wham bam thank you ma’am shimmer – it just de-mattes my face enough to make me look normal.


Brush: A lot of debate over what highlighter brush is the best and while I know there is an option of a sigma tapered highlighting brush I don’t have it so I can’t recommend it. I can however recommend the Anastasia Beverly Hills A23 Brush and the Morphe M501 Pro Pointed Blender Brush. If you’re pinched for cash I would say Morphe – but I find it can harsh out the highlight a little – the A23 brushes it on nicely and is buildable. I like that it doesn’t pick up a lot and you can add slowly until you get your desired look.


Also if you’re looking for a liquid highlighter I would recommend Josie Maran’s Argan Enlightenment Illuminizer. I have three mini versions as well as the full size and while the pump always dispenses more than I need – now I just unscrew it and dab it on to get the amount I want – it does blend in so nicely to my foundation and once again gives a bit of a sheen.



Lips: I have way too many lipsticks to count and all of them make me look like I’m going to suck your soul. The most “nude” or neutral I have is ULTA Automatic Lip Liner in Intense, followed my M.A.C.’s Antique Velvet and my current most used berry colors are N.Y.X Matte Lipstick in Siren – although it’s looking a bit old – and M.A.C. Velvetease Lip Pencil in Velvet Teen; but I use good old trusty chapstick the most – basically whenever my lipstick starts to fade I just use chapstick for the remainder of day and call it a win. if I have worn lipstick all day, before bed I’ll put on Josie Maran Surreal Skin Argan Finishing Balm.


Spritz: After all that work its actually like 30 minutes I’ll give my face one last spritz of setting spray, but lately I’ve been spraying Josie Maran Nirvana Hydrating Treatment Mist to let all the powder melt into the foundation and give it a bit of a glow.

The End: If you managed to read through all of this let me know because this was a lot! but i felt it would be good to at least talk about my current staples – because – while i am a creature of habit i usually do get bored of whatever makeup i use for an extended period of time and with it already feeling like spring/summer here in the desert i can already let you know that some things may be changing soon! Thanks for reading!


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