Well…..I have been wondering how to start this blog since I actually created the website for it. In all honesty, I’ve noticed that a lot of beauty bloggers first few blog post seems a bit of a hot mess and me trying to start out perfectly and without wrinkles and touch-ups is very unlikely. So I figured I would introduce you all to myself and we could start this blog in a “wtf is this page I’ve stumbled across” fashion.

Who Am I? Well my name is Tatiana and I’m a 25 year old about 2 years into full adulting. I am a relatively new – yet not – makeup fanatic. I’m a very simple person so any “cut crease super contoured I want the sun to beam off my highlight” isn’t happening, but I do love the occasional “I was bored and attempted an editorial look and took some pictures of it” post as well as more of an informational blog – instead of a weekly tutorial blog.


How Did I Get Into Makeup? Well I always used eyeshadow but that’s were makeup ended for me. The older I got the more my skin would breakout, all through college it got progressively worse, yet still no makeup for me. It wasn’t until I graduated and moved to another state, got a job and the height of my breakouts occurred I ran to makeup. It was like a mini savior for 8 hours a day but at the end of the day when it was time to take the makeup off the depression of what my skin really looked liked seemed not to be worth it.


I then decided to stop wearing makeup and really focus on fixing my skin, I tried acne medication, popping them, toners, mask, this cleanser, that cleaners, this peel off treatment, and then when I got terrible stomach pain over 4 days and just didn’t care about doing a 15 step daily face routine and just sprinkle it with some water and call it a day was when things finally started to clear up a bit. I then realized I was simply doing too much. I removed a lot of my skincare “essentials” and went extremely basic, choosing a rotation routine rather than an multiple product routine. I understood my skin more – combination acne prone with eczema – and during hormonal times of the month my breakouts tend to be more severe. I currently have a skincare routine I’m really happy with and my skin is finally going back to what it was and I’m thrown myself back into makeup, mostly because of the love of artwork it really seems to be rather than hiding from flaws I needed to address.


What Will This Blog Be? To be honest, even I don’t know. I just want to trial and error it for some time before giving it a real title. I just want this to be the girly – albeit late – introduction of my life, because for 24 years it was realllllllllllll tomboyish (still kinda is, just with a bomb ass makeup job)

Thanks for reading and let’s get this blog started!!!!

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