every month I will be doing an individual post about each beauty bag/box I receive as well as a monthly roundup of my favorite items from all the items i received.

I am a Sephora addict – just to put it in perspective I am a VIB Rouge member which means I need to spend an insane embarrassing amount of money at Sephora; thankfully the majority of my purchases are in skincare |I don’t know how that fixes my apparent addiction, but it makes me feel better because skin|, gifts for other people and way too much money on makeup. Sephora Play is exclusively available on – duh – Sephora, but there tends to be a waitlist and I recently got off that beast. This is my first play box, but I’ve seen the cheesy YouTube videos of each monthly play box reveal. This was a beauty box I was extremely excited for because if I do so much of my shopping there I obviously like the products available so getting deluxe sample size products to test out seems like an awesome way to spend $10 of my hard earned cash, right? – just nod yes –


Like most beauty boxes you get 4 to 5 products, Sephora’s comes with an additional perfume sample each month. This month’s brands included were Tarte, Caudalie, Ouai, Dermablend, Clinque, Pinrose.


OUAI Treatment Masque $32 – well let’s just get this out of the way |see what I did there? I’m very punning FYI|. I don’t like using a lot of hair products, I make my own hair mask and only use WEI conditioner in my hair, as well as the occasional black hair care hair moisturizers, so I find all hair care products I receive moot. This could be good for travel when I’m in a pinch, but I’ll probably either give it to a friend or donate it to a shelter.


TARTE FRXXXTION Stick $22 – I’m recently a Tarte convert, between their tartiest pro to go eyeshadow, their tartelette tease and their maracuja oil, I like all of the tarte products I’ve used so far so I expect this product to be no different. According to the info sheet with the play box, the FRIXXXTION stick is a gel cleaner in stick form – this seems like it will be an essential travel cleanser since it doesn’t adhere to the 1 oz. rule when flying and can negate the worry of leakage. I have a really good skincare routine now, so I’ll try and use it sparingly or once my skin gets too used to my current routine and I have to rotate products.


CAUDALIE Resveratrol Lift Face Lifting Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF20  $66 – well if the name isn’t long enough! I’m assuming that this is meant as a anti-aging moisture in the most direct sense, but I’m 25 and don’t really need that right now. I have a few Caudalie products in my “To-Buy” list but they mostly add up to mask and hand lotions. Just for the sake of trying I will use this on my neck – as the directions explain for your face and neck – but with my sensitive skin I really get nervous about using products I’ve never used before on my face first – tried that once and looked like I lost a fight…..badly.


So far this seems a bit like a dud.

DERMABLEND Loose Setting Powder  $27 – I just gave the RCMA setting powder a try and hated it – t felt like it dried up my skin and I kept feeling like I needed face lotion – so it’s going back and I’m going to give the Dermablend a try. Since Dermablend is also a skincare company I am more open to this idea of loose powder. According to the info sheet it should last up to 16 hours |not believing that| but as I don’t bake my makeup I just need a scarce amount to simply set it. **update – I really do like this powder, loose powders do seem to get incredibly messy though but this is a powder I do plan on keeping and more than likely will decide to buy the full size once I’m done with it and keep this bottle to refill for travel**


CLINIQUE Almost Lipstick in Black Honey $17 – this is NOT almost lipstick, this is tinted lip gloss, because it’s not in a liquid or gel form they call it a lipstick but it’s not. My lips have a good amount of color, especially my top lip so the berry sheen really had no effect and the “gloss” dried out relatively quick. I’ll just stick to Carmex rather than this glorified firm lip tint gloss.


PINROSE Wild Child $55 – I’m not a perfume person so an in-depth explanation of the scent probably wouldn’t make sense, but it got the job done. I did smell the sent for a bit and since it was a towelette direct application was easy. I didn’t like that the smell was directly on my fingers though, but that scent faded in no time with my touching so many thing throughout the day.


I guess for a first bag I’m a little disappointed, but compared to other bags I’ve seen them produce I’ll still continue waiting for a bag that is filled with more of the products I like. I am however excited to continue using the Dermablend loose setting powder – although I need to find a way not to make sure a mess – and the Tarte FRXXXTION cleanser. The rest I’m eh for.


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