every month I will be doing an individual post about each beauty bag/box I receive as well as a monthly roundup of my favorite items from all the items i received.


Ipsy was actually the first glam bag that I received back in September I believe and sad to say I have yet to receive a glam bag that I am happy with; the perk though is that it’s only $10 but now that I’ve signed up for different glam bags that are of better items and brands that won’t break me out (there have been a few when it comes to IPSY) I think this next month may be the last IPSY bag, but their actual bags they come in are so handy for some many other purposes so I’m always torn.


When it comes to IPSY I feel it’s like American YouTuber “Content Creator” hell. Not in the sense that I hate American YouTubers but that their promo for their monthly bags just screams #sponsored and very contrived to hit at that younger market that for all honestly I was never really a part of. Along with the fact that their point additions sell out before you even get a chance to see what they are – since they don’t send an email alerting you – I think there are much better beauty bag subscriptions out there.


Trust Fund Beauty Lip Gloss  in Blame Game  $22 (LE) – well here it goes again, ANOTHER lip gloss; one of the “perks” about IPSY is that you can review the items you receive, out of 6+ months I’ve received a minimum of 4 lip glosses and have reviewed all of them negatively simply because I am a matte lipstick or chapstick individual, but still I receive lip glosses every month. That being said, it seems as if Trust Fund Beauty is an IPSY favorite because I have a lot of their items from several IPSY bags, but also their lip glosses aren’t too fluid or too thick, the consistency and pigmentation is that of a traditional well-made lip gloss, but that’s about as well as it goes as the scent reeks of chemicals.


F.U.N Lacquer in TGIF $11.50 – here is another example of continuous poor personal reviews of items I have received and receiving more of them. I don’t usually put on nail polish myself – I’m so bad at it that I have to go to a nail salon and I’m not a “I want a specific color that I have at home so I’ll bring it to the nail salon so they can put it on” person either so receiving my third nail polish when I don’t wear them once again seems like a waste of money. All nail polishes reek of that chemical scent so there’s nothing I can do about that or really can fault F.U.N for, but still I’m not going to use it and will be donating it.


Manna Kadar Cosmetics http://www.mannakadarcosmetics.com/ Fantasy 3-in-1 Eyeshadow   $19 – this is meant to be one of those multi-use items that we really only use for one thing – our eyes – this is an item I don’t mind having as I love eyeshadow; because the use of this is so multi-purpose the pigmentation isn’t what it portrays itself to be in the picture. Once you rub it out or use a brush it will be a bit sheerer as you would want it to be with a highlight or blush topper, so I would probably use it as a transparent shimmer in the inner corner (which I don’t do often) or to top over a matte center lid color. This one is a winner and I’m glad to have it in my collection. IPSY has been sending me more eyeshadow products since I reviewed one a bit ago very favorably and I appreciate that. Can never have too much eyeshadow….yes you can but I don’t care.


Jelly Pong Pong Coffee + Coconut Lip Scrub $19 – IPSY LOVES lip scrubs, they must because this is the fifth lip scrub I’ve received and despite the plumpness of my lips I think I should be good on scrubbing-of-the-lips products for some time. Since this is a product I will use I don’t mind it but at this point I have enough in my arsenal that I don’t need anymore, that being said, the flavor/scent combination seems disgusting. Coffee AND coconut, one or the other but not both! I’m still going to use it because flavor is temporary but I don’t know who came up with that flavor combo but it should not happen again. No Bueno.


All in all, sad to say I’m very fed up with IPSY. While some may argue “Its $10, you’re getting a lot of stuff for $10;” I would rather use my $10 to get one thing I really want rather than 3 out of 5 things I didn’t want. I also find the brands to be very peculiar, in a kitschy way, somewhat like Too Faced. I highly doubt I’m the demographic they are aiming at so this may also lean over to why I continuously find IPSY bags not of my pleasure. I think for now I will stick with ALLURE, Birchbox and Sephora.

**I also received a Crown Brush Beaute  Basics C405 Contour Blush Brush $7.49 but it broke somewhere in transit and I didn’t even bother worrying about getting a new one**

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